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academic programming and curriculum development

TNFI x Eileen Fisher’s Academic Consortium is a ground-breaking, multidisciplinary workshop and thinkspace that brings together a diverse group of business, labor, design, and environmental experts to collaborate on real solutions to the ethical and sustainability challenges of the fashion industry. In 2020, the event was also supported in part by Avery Dennsion.

We also work directly with universities to design academic programming, including guest lectures, course consultation, etc. We can help your department meet the needs of today’s students with our holistic sustainable fashion curriculum, which can serve as a stand-alone program, course, or can be adapted to complement existing curricula at your institution of higher education. 

As a follow up to participation in the Academic Consortium, TNFI helped Brown University create a research studies course with its Environmental Science department based on the impacts of the fashion industry.  

expert advice

The New Fashion Initiative team has over 25 years of experience in developing strategies to make the fashion industry better for people and the planet. We work hands-on with professors, designers, brands, and influencers to provide research and support for projects including (but not limited to):

  1. Circularity initiatives, fabric sourcing, and end-of-life textile waste solutions
  2. Labor rights and supply chain transparency
  3. Policy
TexWorld, Coterie, GoodStuff

Our collaborations have included many events and joint programming. From participating in and hosting panels, coordinating local circularity events, and collaborating on policy working groups, we love working with other organizations and brands in the sustainability sphere. Check out some of our past events here.

Program development

TNFI has a proven track record of providing mentorship and guidance to existing partnerships and programs. We help small non-profits and projects operate more effectively and achieve greater impact. Some notable projects have been FashionRevolutionUSA, PLAN, RefashionNYC, Eco-Artisan Awards.

We also were co-founders of The Fashion Waste Alliance together with the Model Alliance and https://fabscrap.orgFabscrap. This project unites a group of non-profits and changemakers dedicated eradicating pre-consumer waste in NYC and promoting circular systems.

About TNFI

Sustainable Development Goals

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