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Is Circularity Just a Buzzword? It’s Good Business, Say Texworld Panelists

Panelists from left to right: Scott Echols (ZDHC Foundation), Michele Zollinger, Tricia Carey (Director of Global Business Development – Apparel, Lenzing Fibers), and moderator Karla Magruder, funder of Fabrikology Internation. The circular economy has made the news. The term refers to designing out waste and creating a closed-loop system that ...

The New Fashion Guide to Circular Fashion

What if we could redesign the fashion industry so that it would regenerate our environment and empower people? That's what those who advocate for a circular economy have in mind. The fashion industry currently produces over 1.3 billion tons of greenhouse gases, uses 108 million tons of non-renewable resources, and ...

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