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American laundry habits are anything but green. We wash more than seven loads of laundry per week on average and use large washing machines, detergents stocked with hazardous chemicals, and energy-sucking dryers. These practices are uncommon in other countries. While clotheslines hang from windows and dot countrysides around the world, in the US, they’re a rarity—and even forbidden in some communities.

And yet if make simple changes to our habits and assumptions about laundry, we can do a lot to help the planet. If every American household washes on cold this year, we can save almost 14 million tons of CO2, the same amount of carbon sequestered by 16 million acres of trees! That’s why The New Fashion Initiative launched Sustainable Laundry Week to show Americans simple, easy, time-saving, clothes-sparing ways to green our laundry habits.

To those ends, we launched our Sustainable Laundry Tips video series, an IG TV feature. Our first episode stars comedian Jordan Carlos, and his No. 1 tip is, you guessed it, to wash on cold. We want to show that laundry is an act of caring, and it can be an act of love! It can be beautiful and even zen. We hope you’ll agree that one of the best things about switching to sustainable laundry practices is that it keeps your clothes looking so much better longer. We each hold the power to reduce our impact with every load of wash. To learn more, follow our Instagram account or read our laundry tips blog post!

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