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Young designers are creating a sustainable identity for African fashion

I-D interviews the continent’s rising talents, including Selam Fessahaye, Kenneth Ize and Ituen Basi, whose designs are based on the traditions of craftsmanship, quality and creativity that have long called all corners of the continent home. “”African fashion is finally not seeking approval, but announcing itself unapologetically,” says Basi.
(via I-D)

The leather industry cleans up its act

Sales of vegan leather are up, and consumers perceive that the real thing is unethical and bad for the environment. TNFI editor Elizabeth Cline explores how the leather industry is working to create more sustainable supply chains and better market leather as long-lasting.
(via Vogue Business)

8 Asian sustainable fashion brands making a splash

These Asian brands are sustainable and chic and gaining a global fanbase. From the circular and zero waste designs of India’s Doodlage and Hong Kong’s A.C.F. Clothing to Indonesia’s rental fashion company Style Theory, the region is leading in creativity and options for conscious consumers.
(via Harper’s Bazaar)

Footwear brand AllBirds aims to be fully carbon neutral by the end of 2019

Sustainable footwear darling AllBirds is battling climate change by slapping a carbon tax on themselves. The brand intricately measured its carbon impact and is offsetting all emissions through investments in tree planting, air purification that extracts greenhouse gases from the atmosphere, and clean energy projects.
(via Sourcing Journal)

Zady CEO switches gears, launches a data-based platform to help brands go green

Maxine Bédat, founder of pioneering sustainable fashion brand Zady, has launched a science-based platform called the New Standard Institute. Bédat says her nonprofit aims to correct the lack of accurate information about fashion and sustainability. “The adage is you only manage what you measure. If we’re not measuring things, it’s hard for us to make progress.”
(via WWD)

Fashionista pulls together a complete guide to ethical fashion certifications

Sustainable fashion reporter Whitney Bauck pulls together a handy cheat sheet for keeping straight what labels like Fair Trade, Bluesign and B Corp mean.
(via Fashionista)

Maine becomes first state to ban Styrofoam food containers, effective 2021

Styrofoam, a type of plastic that’s impossible to recycle, has been banned in Maine, the first state to pass legislation to phase out its use. Gov. Janet Mills backed the ban because of the material’s links to microplastic pollution, as well. “It will be around for decades to come and eventually it will break down into particles, polluting our environment, hurting our wildlife, and even detrimentally impacting our economy.”
(via USA Today)

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