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Your Clothes Are Made by Burning Coal. A New Institute Aims to Change That.

Lewis Perkins, President of Apparel Impact Institute. Founded in 2018, the Apparel Impact Institute brings together brands, manufacturers and industry stakeholders to accelerate sustainability initiatives, taking them from small-scale pilots to industry-wide standards. The AII's first mission is to green textile mills, where the vast majority of fashion's massive carbon ...

Microplastics Expert Anna Cummins Explains How to Save Our Oceans

Plastic pollution is one of the most daunting problems facing humankind. Even our synthetic clothes (also made of plastic) are a major contributors to ocean pollution, by shedding small particles called microplastics. But solutions are possible—and the longest-lasting, most effective solutions are laws and regulations to protect the environment from ...

TNFI Founder Lauren Fay on Fixing Fashion and Offline Activism’s Power

The New Fashion Initiative Executive Director and CEO Lauren Fay. The New Fashion Initiative launched in January of 2019 to help propel sustainable fashion forward through civic engagement, activism, education, and policy. Spearheading this new nonprofit is executive director Lauren Fay, whose unique background in media, community organizing, and business ...

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