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Is Circularity Just a Buzzword? It’s Good Business, Say Texworld Panelists

Panelists from left to right: Scott Echols (ZDHC Foundation), Michele Zollinger, Tricia Carey (Director of Global Business Development – Apparel, Lenzing Fibers), and moderator Karla Magruder, funder of Fabrikology Internation. The circular economy has made the news. The term refers to designing out waste and creating a closed-loop system that ...
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Consumers Want Transparency. At Texworld, Brands Share How They Achieve It

Panelists from left to right: Maggie Kervick (GCNYC Director of Strategy & Integrated Partnerships), Juliette Barre (Director of Business Development and Marketing, Sourcemap), Leslie Ferrick (Senior Manager of Fabric R&D/Sourcing Dept., Athleta), Karen Newman (United Nations Consultant), and Louise Claughton (Senior Director, PVH Corp.) Consumers and investors alike want to know ...

The Untold History of Blue Jeans, Indigo, and Slavery

Denim and especially denim in the form of “blue jeans” is often thought of as the American contribution to fashion worldwide, but the story of how this came to be leaves out the hefty contributions of enslaved people. This more complex, less whitewashed story was told during a panel discussion ...

New FabScrap Store Sells Textiles Spared From Landfills

By Anita IrlenFrom the sustainable creations hanging on the walls by local “reuse” designers and artists (currently featuring the designs of Zero Waste Daniel) to the neat piles and bolts of scrap textiles, trimmings and even leather and suede for sale, the new FabScrap store is like candy to ...

GoodStuffNYC: An Immersive, Circular Fashion Experience

Good Stuff NYC is a pop-up experience of living well in the circular economy. It runs May 31st through June 28th, 2019 at the South Street Seaport. A sustainable, circular fashion industry is often thought of as some aspirational, distant future, but a month-long pop-up aims to change that perception. ...

Why These Socially Conscious Designers Avoid “Sustainability”

Photo by Katya MoormanSpeaking against a backdrop of pre-loved luxury handbags at the TheRealReal store in Soho on Monday night, the designers Maxwell Osborne and Dao-Yi Chow of streetwear brand Public School talked about their evolution over the last few years from streetwear pioneers into a socially conscious brand. Carmen ...

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