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Each year, the fashion industry generates 92 million tons of textile waste. It's the seceond largest polluter in the world, producing 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions and 20% of global wastewater. Read the PDF

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Rental Clothing

Every year, $460 billion worth of usable clothing is sent to landfills in the US. An up-and-coming industry that is trying to remedy this problem is the online rental clothing industry.

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Biodegradable Packaging

How are the current systems that produce, use, recover, and process plastics affecting the environment and the economy? What are our alternatives?

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Period Poverty in Fast Fashion Factories: In Conversation with Prachi Gor

While the ready-made garment sector in India employs 12.9 million people, one issue that impacts approximately 80 percent of garment workers often goes unaddressed: menstruation. Factories contracted by Western fast fashion brands often limit access to menstrual hygiene in their facilities in order to prevent decreased productivity. This lack of hygiene infrastructure is coupled with…

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TNFI’s Academic Consortium — A Look Back and a Vision Forward

Mainstream fashion media’s recent willingness to embrace trendy green solutions is certainly welcome but also needs to be viewed with caution.  For advertising-driven platforms, the truth of their claims – their credibility as profit-seeking brands –  means that social media and other forms of new media are still sources that must be viewed within context…

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TNFI Academic Consortium Accepting Post-Grad Students

The New Fashion Initiative is a foundation promoting circularity, collaboration, and accountability in the fashion industry. This year, we are co-hosting our second Academic Consortium on November 20, 2020. This private online event will be attended by sustainable fashion leaders in academia and business and will focus on circularity and fashion. Tackling everything from “what…

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Journey to a Prosperous India: One Village at a Time

by Anurag Jain & Karishma Doshi “India’s place in the sun would come from the partnership between the wisdom of its rural people and the skill of its professionals” -Varghese Kurian, the architect of India’s “White Revolution,” which made Indian villages the largest producers of milk in the world. Almost one-tenth of humanity lives in…

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Open Call for Submissions!

If you are a college student passionate about sustainable & ethical fashion, The New Fashion Initiative would love to amplify your voice! TNFI is an inclusive space to explore new ideas, research, and alternative styles not represented in the mainstream fashion industry. Please share any original content you'd like to see on TNFI…

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The 4-1-1 on Fast Fashion

Diving into the world of sustainable fashion can feel like an information overload. So with closets full of thrifted finds, two first-year students at Brown University, Mariana Fajnzylber & Lily Chahine, decided to create an introductory mini-magazine or "zine" on the subject. The goal? To succinctly acquaint anyone on the environmental harms of fast fashion…

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