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Feel-Good Fashion Headlines for the Week of June 24

How Fashion Brands are Proving a Green New Deal Could Work Fashion is a carbon-intensive industry, responsible for an estimated 8% of all global emissions. The Green New Deal meanwhile aims to curb climate change by setting stricter standards for manufacturing, among other policy changes. Fashion brands like Allbirds, a sustainable ...

The New Fashion Guide to Circular Fashion

What if we could redesign the fashion industry so that it would regenerate our environment and empower people? That's what those who advocate for a circular economy have in mind. The fashion industry currently produces over 1.3 billion tons of greenhouse gases, uses 108 million tons of non-renewable resources, and ...

The Untold History of Blue Jeans, Indigo, and Slavery

Denim and especially denim in the form of “blue jeans” is often thought of as the American contribution to fashion worldwide, but the story of how this came to be leaves out the hefty contributions of enslaved people. This more complex, less whitewashed story was told during a panel discussion ...
good news artwork by jason naylor

Feel-Good Fashion Headlines From the Week of June 10

Sustainable and ethical fashion news from the week of June 9, 2019 worth celebrating. New Report: More Than Half of US, UK Shoppers Want a Sustainable Fashion Industry A new report, released by the e-commerce and retail artificial intelligence platform Nosto, found that over half of consumers in the UK and the ...
tabitha st. bernard

Tabitha St. Bernard: The New Fashion Questionnaire

Each month, The New Fashion Initiative invites a leading voice in the sustainable fashion revolution to answer 17 questions about themselves, both personal and professional. It's our green and socially conscious spin on Vanity Fair's beloved Proust Questionnaire. This month, our interviewee is designer, artist, and organizer Tabitha St. Bernard. ...

Microplastics Expert Anna Cummins Explains How to Save Our Oceans

Plastic pollution is one of the most daunting problems facing humankind. Even our synthetic clothes (also made of plastic) are a major contributors to ocean pollution, by shedding small particles called microplastics. But solutions are possible—and the longest-lasting, most effective solutions are laws and regulations to protect the environment from ...

New FabScrap Store Sells Textiles Spared From Landfills

By Anita IrlenFrom the sustainable creations hanging on the walls by local “reuse” designers and artists (currently featuring the designs of Zero Waste Daniel) to the neat piles and bolts of scrap textiles, trimmings and even leather and suede for sale, the new FabScrap store is like candy to ...

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